Monday, 29 October 2012

Make Your Own Shag Tobacco

Alongside the taste and smell sensation of smoking Pipe Tobacco, the relaxing, meditative nature of pipe smoking is one of its biggest draws. There is a metronomic enjoyment to be had when preparing a pipe to be smoked. Slowly and concisely packing the pipe with quality Pipe Tobacco before taking long, hard drags and being enveloped by the smoke and smell is all part of the experience and enjoyment. Further encourage this enjoyment by bypassing the Cheap Tobacco from your local off-license and create your own shag tobacco to pack into the pipe.

All forms of tobacco are derived from tobacco leaves that have been dried and seasoned. Shag tobacco is no different despite its small size. Most commonly used in cigarettes but can be just as enjoyable smoked through a pipe or in a cigar. Take the tobacco leaf and cut into fine strips with a pair of scissors. Roughly make all the strips about two inches long and 1/3 of an inch wide. If you are using pre-cut tobacco from a Tobacco Shop, remove three pinches from the packaging.

Take a tobacco grinder and place three strips between the teeth of the bottom half of the grinder. Ensure that the strips are evenly distributed across the bottom of the grinder. When the tobacco is firmly pressed between the grinder’s teeth and there are no foreign bodies inside the grinder close the lid.

Twist the top half of the grinder back and forth numerous times to shred the tobacco into a shag cut. When the lid twists smoothly, the tobacco has been sufficiently grinded. By tapping the bottom of the grinder against a hard surface, the tobacco will be collected in the chamber in the bottom of the grinder. Remove the grinded tobacco from the collection chamber and pack into the pipe. The shag tobacco is now ready to smoke and enjoy. 

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